Are you managing your own AdWords account?

Discover how well you're doing with this interactive audit checklist - will you score over 75%?​

Finding the right agency to manage your AdWords PPC campaigns isn’t always easy. Luckily, One Eyed Cat’s top cat Sara is a Google AdWords certified consultant trained by the best – namely, Claire Jarrett, the world’s top AdWords trainer (just Google ‘AdWords trainer’ and see for yourself!).

Whether you’re unhappy with your existing PPC management company or contemplating launching your first ever Pay Per Click advertising campaign, you’re in safe hands!

Our AdWords management package includes:​

  • Account management by a Google qualified AdWords consultant
  • Unlimited keywords and Ad groups
  • Continual split testing to ensure optimal ad performance
  • Regular, scheduled calls to discuss your account
  • Call tracking, ensuring phone call leads and sales are properly tracked (subscription separate)
  • Strict processes for PPC management on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, meaning your account is regularly optimised and NEVER forgotten!
  • Advice on increased website conversions and help with overall web marketing strategy
  • An AdWords account belonging to YOU – you can log in and check it at any time!
  • FREE AdWords audits for existing accounts
  • A FREE Google Clicks voucher for new accounts
  • Full tracking of your leads via Google Analytics, including ALL lead sources (not just AdWords), and enabling you to see whether leads come from organic searches, social networks, emails or direct mail.
  • Monthly report to show performance
  • Regular updates to discuss progress and strategies to expand and improve your account

How much does our AdWords management package cost?

Management fees are £350 per month or 9% of ad spend, whichever is greater, payable in advance.

There is also a setup fee for new and existing accounts, starting from £350, also payable in advance

Registered charity?

Did you know that registered charities in England and Wales can qualify for up to $30,000 worth of FREE AdWords advertising per month?

We help charities apply for, set up and manage accounts, gaining optimum results. We offer a discount on our normal management charge if your application is successful, so please get in touch to find out more or visit Google Ad Grants.

* We do not impose a monthly contract but we do ask for payment of the set-up fee and first month’s management fee before we start work on your account. A direct debit is required for ongoing monthly management fees.

PLEASE NOTE: Clients are responsible for ALL Google click costs and for setting their monthly budget.​

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