eCommerce Business Owners Listen Up!

Are you spending too much on AdWords?

If you’re like most businesses who manage their own AdWords account, there’s a very good chance you could be getting better results for less money

But there’s only one way to find out…

eCommerce Is Tough

Running a business is tough.  Running an eCommerce business is even tougher.

There's a lot of competition out there, including Amazon and eBay - how are you supposed to compete?

Using AdWords to get visitors to your site is a great solution and when it's done right it's a real game changer.  But for so many businesses it provides mediocre returns at best and at worst it ends up costing more to get an order than you make on it.

I don't want that to be you!

An Audit Will Put Your Mind At Rest

Wouldn't it be a relief to know the money you're spending on AdWords is earning you more back?

Following a systematic process to go through every aspect of an account can often highlight big opportunities as well as issues that can be seriously damaging the results you're getting.   There's always something that can be improved, even in the most well managed accounts.

And The Best News Is - It's FREE!

What's the catch?  Well, I want to work with more businesses like yours, and a percentage of those who take me up on my offer of a free account audit will go onto become a client.  It's a numbers game.

There's no commitment on your part, and there'll be no hard sell from me: I'll go through the audit with you and explain my findings, answer any questions you may have, and then you're free to go away and implement the suggestions yourself.  

Only if you ask about working with me will I even bring up the subject.  But in case you're wondering, my monthly management fees start at £450.


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