What’s the difference between AdWords and Google Shopping?

What’s the difference between AdWords and Google Shopping?

Google shopping is part of the whole AdWords platform.  What people usually think of when they think about AdWords is search campaigns.  This is where you decide what keywords you want to target, you put those keywords in your campaign, write some ads, and show up when someone searches for those keywords.

What Google Shopping does is allow you promote your products from your ecommerce store in Google’s search results.  This is done using shopping campaigns inside AdWords.

To get your products into AdWords, you need to upload the product information from your website into Google Merchant Center (sometimes this is done via a third part feed management platform), which effectively sits between your website and AdWords. 

Once Google verifies the data in Merchant Center and approves your listings they will then feed automatically in to AdWords where you will be able to create your shopping campaigns.

When creating your campaigns, you don’t choose which keywords to show up for.  What happens is that Google will look at the product information in your feed (product title, description etc) and decide when one of your products is a relevant result for a search.  This is why it’s very important that your product titles contain good quality terms that are relevant to your products and how people will search for them.