Will I Have To Share My Login Details?

Will I Have To Share My Login Details?

If someone starts managing your account, or needs to do an audit, will you have to hand over your login and password details to them?

If you’re ever asked for your login details for an AdWords account then that should set off alarm bells.  If you’re handing over your AdWords login then very often you’ll be handing over access to all your Google accounts – analytics, Google drive, and even your email!  So never hand over your login details.

When someone wants to manage or audit your account, they should have a Multi Client Centre (MCC) account.  This is effectively an umbrella account that uses their login but allows them to add client accounts to access them. 

What you will need to do is to give them your AdWords account id which is found in the top right corner of your account.  They will then use this to request access to your account and you will need to log into your AdWords account to approve this request.

The benefit of doing it like this is that you have complete control over who has access to your account.  If at any point you want to stop them accessing your account, then all you have to do is log in and revoke access to that particular user.  They will then no longer be able to see your account in their MCC.

There’s no hassle of changing passwords to stop them logging in in the future.

So, please don’t give your Google login to anyone wanting to access your AdWords account, it’s totally unnecessary.