How To Get Your Business On Google Maps

If you’re a business that serves local customers then the value of being in the ‘snack pack’ on Google’s search results is huge.    The snack pack, as illustrated below, shows the top 3 local listing for the search you entered, in this case ‘Plumber Cardiff’.  This shows up below the paid ads but above the #1 organic listing and as a result the click through rates are excellent.


But a question I get asked a lot is ‘How do I get my business on Google Maps?’.  This blog post will give you step by step instructions to do just that.

1. Make Sure You’re Not Already Listed

It’s not uncommon, however, for companies to have multiple listings on the map simply because they forgot they added it or can’t find their original listing.  The first step, then, is to check whether you’re already on Google maps.

You can do this by searching on Google maps directly ( or by going to Google My Business and clicking the ‘Get on Google’ as shown below:


You will then be presented with the following screen:

It’s vital at this stage that you search for your business to ensure you’re not already listed – just because you haven’t added your company, it doesn’t mean it won’t be there.  It’s particularly important to search by any variation of your company name, address or phone number, especially if you’ve moved or changed details in the past, however long ago it might be.

If your business is already listed it will look like this:

And if it’s not it will look like this:

Don’t forget to try every possible option when searching, before continuing to add a new listing.  Multiple listings for the same business can get confusing, not to mention difficult to manage.

2. Add Your Listing

You will now click on the box where it says ‘Let me enter the full business details’ and you’ll be taken the this page:

Make sure you add the full address in the right format and double check your phone numbers too!  For the category, you can start typing and you will get suggestions – it’s worth searching Google for the terms you want to show up for and see what categories the top 3 results are using, then use the same one.   If you click on the top listing you’ll see this:


Click to continue to the next step.  If you checked the box to say that you deliver your services to customers at their location, you’ll see the following:

Enter the appropriate details so Google knows when to show you to relevant searchers in local areas.  When you continue you’ll be presented with the following screen:

Check the box to say you’re authorized to manage this business listing and click continue.

3.  Verify Your Listing

Now you have to verify your business, which is normally done by sending a postcard to the address that’s been registered.  The card contains a verification code which you will then enter into the admin area of your listing to verify.  In some cases you are given the option to verify by phone, in which case a code is sent by text or by voice call to the registered phone number.

By clicking on the ‘Mail’ button you will be sent the postcard, or you can click very later.  Whichever you choose you will then be taken to your Google My Business listing so you can edit the details.

4. Edit And Optimize Your Listing

At this stage you need to add as much information as possible as a fully filled out listing will have a much better chance of ranking in that snack pack.

Clicking on the red ‘edit’ button will take you to the page where you can add all your business details:

  • Business Name – your ACTUAL business name
  • Address – you can only enter one address per listing.  If you have multiple locations for your business you will need to add them separately and create separate listings.
  • Contact Info – you can add more additional phone numbers here, and more importantly a link to your website address.
  • Hours – make sure you add your working hours here.  This will show on your listing so if you offer a 24 hour call out be sure to add it here.
  • Introduction – It’s very important to enter a full introduction, which will tell customers (and Google) about your business.  300-500 words talking about what you do, being sure to include your keywords and similar terms too.

When you’re finished hit ‘done editing’.

Be sure to add your logo and other images – click on ‘manage photos’ and you’ll be taken to the area where you can add a profile and logo image, plus various other photos about your business.

Add as many as you can to make for a better profile.

5. Wait For Your Postcard

Your listing won’t show in Google until you’ve verified it – keep an eye out for your postcard and follow the instructions when it arrives.   It usually arrives within a few weeks.

And that’s it!

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