What Happens If I’m Not Happy With My Agency?

What Happens If You’re Not Happy With Your Agency?

The number one thing I would say if you’re not happy, whether that’s with performance, communications, reporting, whatever, is to tell the agency!

If you’re not happy with something and you don’t tell them then how are they going to know, and how can they put it right? They might be carrying on in blissful ignorance, thinking you’re happy with what’s happening.  And the longer you’re unhappy and don’t tell them, the worse it will be for you and the harder it’ll be for them to fix things.

So, tell them what the problem is in as matter-of-fact way as possible without getting too emotional (if you can). Tell them what you’re unhappy about, why that is, and ask what they’re willing to do about it.

The hope now would be that they will take your comments on board and look at how they can put things right and improve the situation moving forward.

As I’ve mentioned in another post, if the agency has made a big mistake then they need to come to you to explain and let you know what they’re doing to fix things to your satisfaction.  No reputable agency or freelancer should try and hide it and pretend it didn’t happen!

If, despite their best efforts to appease you, you decide you’re still not happy then it may be best to find another agency.  Hopefully your agency will be mature enough to accept your decision and not make it difficult for you to transfer to another agency.

The main point in this post, though, is to remember that if you’re not happy then you can’t expect the agency to do anything about it unless you TELL THEM!  Give them the opportunity to put things right.