Is There A Minimum Contract?

Is There A Minimum Contract?

A concern for some businesses when they’re thinking about employing an agency, is that they worry that they’re going to have to commit to a long management contract.  But they might not be sure initially that using an agency is the right thing to do, or that the agency will be able to deliver what they’ve promised.

Whether or not you have to sign up to a minimum term will vary from agency to agency and from freelancer to freelancer.

Some don’t have a contract at all – management is done on a month-by-month basis and either party can cancel at any time.

Some will have an initial minimum term, where they require you to work with them for at least 3-6 months.  The logic behind this is that when you take over an account it can take a little time to really start seeing the results of the work and improvements that have been made at the beginning.   Once the initial period is over it usually reverts to being able to cancel at any time.

There are agencies that require you to sign up for a significant period, which can be as long as a 2-year commitment to using their management services.  In this case you must ask yourself why this might be the case and talk to the agency to understand why this is needed.  It’s probably also worth looking for some testimonials to make sure they’re a reputable agency and will do what they say they will.  After all, if they’re good at what they do and will help you to grow your business then there’s no reason why you wouldn’t be happy to work with them for 2 years.

Whichever way the agency wants to work, just make sure you do your due diligence, so you can make an informed decision.