How Long Will It Take To See Results?

How long will it take before I see results?

That depends on whether it’s a new account or an existing one that’s just been taken on by somebody new and they’ve done a complete rebuild.

It varies.  It’s impossible to give a specific time frame because it will depend on the account, on the history, on what you’re selling, on your website and lots of things.

It does take time.  If an account has been rebuilt you can pull as much data from the old campaigns as possible, but there will always be an initial period where the new campaigns are gathering data and have to be adjusted to get the best performance.  This is often why agencies will ask you for a minimum commitment of 3 or 6 months, because it can take a month or two to get things really humming.

When an account has been rebuilt the first week or two can have a steep learning curve before it settles into good long-term performance.

Don’t expect to see results overnight – it’s not realistic.  I’d love it to be, but in most cases, it’s not.

You should expect to see results after the first month, and then continued improvements over the months after that.

Of course, it also makes a difference depending on how much you’re spending.  The larger your budget the quicker you’ll see results as there’s more data to work with in a short period of time.  Smaller budgets will take longer to collect the data needed to improve performance.

But if things aren’t drastically improved after 2 months, then you need to ask your agency why….