Google Shopping Management

Google Shopping accounts for 87.9% of paid clicks in the UK*

Are your campaigns ready to make the most of it?

*Source: "The Rise Of Google Shopping", Adthena Search Advertising Report, Q1 2018

You can't deny the power of showing potential customers a picture of your product before they get to your website, and that's exactly what you can do with Google Shopping.

It's an absolute must for any eCommerce store advertising on Google.  Add to that the fact that the shopping ads always hold prime position at the top of the search page and you're onto a real winner.

The secret to running good shopping ads, however, isn't just how good your product images and titles are (though that's very important too).  The secret is optimising and organising your product feed effectively.

Our feed management system allows us to edit product text 'on the fly', making your products more relevant to searches.  We can also assign custom labels to products based on price, profit margins, or any other attribute that's relevant so that the account can be organised in the most effective way possible.

This means that when we're optimising the account we're making decisions based on how much money you're making so we  can help you maximise your profits.

Why Us?

Feed Management

We understand the importance of having good data in your product feed in order to get the most from Google Shopping.  We'll handle every aspect of getting the product information from your site and into AdWords.

Multiple Campaigns

How do you optimise for different types of searches when you can't target keywords directly?  How can you make sure you bid differently for the more targeted searches than for the broad generic ones?  By building multiple campaigns, each with different objectives, we can make sure you pay less for your most profitable searches.

Not 'one-size-fits-all'

You can't bid the same amount on a £5 product as you do for a £500 product.  Our bidding methodology allows us to bid differently for individual products, even if you have 1,000s in your feed.