How Do I Get My Products Into Google Shopping?

How Do I Get My Products Into Google Shopping?

There are 3 elements:

  1. your website where your products are hosted
  2. your AdWords account where you run your shopping campaigns
  3. Google Merchant Center (GMC), which sits in the middle

Most websites these days (I can’t believe there are any platforms that don’t…) have a way to export the product feed into GMC in the correct format.  It will take all your product data and put it into GMC.

The first time you do this you can set up a test feed which will let you look at the quality of the feed.  Once the products are in GMC you will get messages to tell you if there are any errors eg missing required attributes like Brand, model number or images.  What is required will vary depending on what you’re selling.

Once you can see all the errors you can then work to fix them.  This can either be done in the backend of your website by updating your products, or in a feed management platform.  A feed management platform allows you to make changes dynamically and/or in bulk to your product feed.  Sometimes it’s impossible to remove all errors but your aim is to remove as many as you can. 

Once you’ve finished you’ll upload as a live feed and the product data will automatically be pushed into your AdWords account (assuming the two have been linked properly).  Now you can start building your shopping campaigns inside AdWords.