What Do I Get For My Management Fee?

What Do I Get For My Management Fee?

It’s a long list of things that should be done in your account.

Initially, we’re talking setup of the campaigns, the targeting, ad extensions and writing ads.  For shopping campaigns getting the feed set up and removing errors the getting the campaigns going.  This is all part of the set-up process.

On an on-going basis what will be done are things like:

  • Bid optimisations for keywords, shopping and display campaigns – this will be done regularly
  • Split testing ads – depending on how big your account is this can be done weekly or monthly. Looking at performance and writing new ads
  • Monitoring device performance – adjusting bids based on how well each device is doing
  • Checking on location targeting – do we need to adjust bids for different towns, cities or regions?
  • Ad extensions – checking performance, creating new ones if needed
  • Impressions share review – how are you doing compared to your competitors? Do budgets need to be raised, or bids increased?
  • Negative keyword research – continually monitoring the search terms that trigger your ads to find where ad spend it being wasted.
  • Testing landing pages – how well are they performing, do we need to use different ones?
  • Constant monitoring – checking for ads going to broken links, disapproved ads, spikes or drops in CPC, sudden drops in impressions (which can often indicate a payment problem)

Constant monitoring is essential to make sure that nothing major occurs without you realising.  It’s not uncommon for ads to stop running completely and it’s not picked up for a few days!