Will I Still Be Able To Access My AdWords Account?

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Will I Still Be Able To Access My AdWords Account?


And if you can’t then you need to be asking why that is.  As I’ve mentioned before, you should be granting access to your account for someone else to manage it.  This doesn’t affect how you login or access your account, it just grants them the permissions necessary to get into the account.

Sometimes, if you’re new to AdWords and haven’t done it before, an agency will create a Google login for you so they can set up the account.  I have come across cases where the agency will then not allow you access to that account.

Now, I don’t like this approach.  I worry about the reason an agency wouldn’t want you to see inside your account….  Best practice would be for the agency to set up the account and then pass over the login details to you, so you have full access and control.

Ultimately, you’re the one paying Google for the advertising so at any time you should be able to log in a see what’s happening with your ad spend.  It also means you can hold them accountable for how they’re managing the account.