What If My Agency Makes A Mistake?

What If My Agency Makes A Mistake?

What if your agency makes a mistake that either means you lose money, or end up spending more than you expected?

It does happen – AdWords managers are human after all.  Mistakes can be made, that if they’re not picked up on quickly enough, can have a big impact on you and your business.

If this happens you need to be prepared and ask the agency what the situation is.  Most reputable agencies and freelancers will have professional indemnity insurance.  This covers them in the event of something going dreadfully wrong and a client wants to take legal action to recover losses.

If you think something has gone wrong, it’s very important to contact them as soon as possible to find out what’s happening, especially if you think they haven’t picked up on it.  Now I would expect an agency to be proactive and contact the client if something has gone wrong (presuming they’re aware of it of course!), explaining what has happened, what the result was, and what they’re now doing to remedy it.

Communication on both sides is key here, so it does help if you have that relationship with whoever’s managing your account.  At least this will assure you that they will indeed get in touch if something goes wrong and you won’t be left in the dark.

But they really should have that insurance to make sure you, the client, have some recourse if something very bad happens and you’re left out of pocket.