10 Surefire Ways To Get More AdWords Clicks

Would you like to get more clicks for your Google Ads? More clicks mean a higher Click Through Rate, which means a better quality score and in turn lower costs and higher ad rank. So yes, of course you do!

It sounds great but it’s not an easy task – you have to come up with a sales pitch that fits into 3 lines of text made up of only 95 characters in all! That’s a big ask for anyone, but here are some ways you can get an upper hand and outplay your competitors for those valuable clicks.

Of course you won’t be able to use all of these in the same ad so you’ll have to mix and match and test them out in different ads to find out what works best for you. Remember, you should constantly be split testing your ad text to find your best performing ads.

1 – Use Numbers

This is something that doesn’t just work with AdWords – it’s a proven strategy in sales copy writing in general. Put prices in your ad: ‘Shoes From Just £9.99’ or if you’re having a sale give a discount percentage ‘Save 20% During June’. You can even put ranges eg ‘Great Choice From £29-£99’

2 – Use Unusual Characters

AdWords allow you to include symbols in your ads such as #1, ® , % , $ & é – if these are appropriate to what you’re advertising then use them! Your ad will stand out from your competitors to attract that click.

3 – Add a Call-to-Action

This is another proven strategy – if you want someone to do something then just tell them! There’s a reason why the internet is full of ‘Buy Now’ buttons☺ Other examples would be ‘Call Us Today’ or ‘Subscribe Now’.

4 – Include A Feature And/Or Benefit

Features tell your customer the specifics of the product or service; the benefit tells them what they will gain by buying it.
Eg a laptop feature would be: ‘14 Hour Battery Life’ and the benefit would be ‘Get More Work Done On The Go’. Both can be used to great effect in your ad copy so test it out and see how well it works for you.

5 – Include a Phone Number and Address

If you’re a local business you can add location extensions to your ads so that customers can see exactly where you are and come in person. Call extensions show your phone number and as an added bonus if a user is on a mobile they can even ‘click to call’. ( Note: don’t forget to use a call tracking number – Google provides them for free)

6 – Remove The Risk

This is another mainstay of sales copywriting – use guarantees to remove the risk for the customer, or offer a free trial/sample of your product. If you have a no quibble returns policy tell them about it!

7 – Free Or Express Shipping

This doesn’t just work for AdWords, it’s a surprisingly powerful thing to offer, and you’d be amazed how often customers don’t see past the ‘free shipping’ to see whether they’re actually paying more overall.
Likewise if you offer an express delivery option that might just be what your customer needs so try putting it in your ad. It’s worth considering ad scheduling with this, though, so if someone has to order by noon for fast next day delivery they only see the ad between 9am and 12 noon.

8 – Ask a question

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By choosing keywords that reflect the searcher’s question and using ad copy that reinforces it they are much more likely to click on your ad as they will see it as both relevant and the solution to the problem they came to Google to solve.

9 – Include Social Proof

If you’re lucky enough to have endorsements from major names then use this to your advantage. Or maybe you have 100% positive feedback on eBay, or 10,000 reviews on Google – it’s all proof that you are a reputable, trustworthy company and the searcher will feel much safer and be more likely to click on your ad.

10 – Scarcity or urgency

We’ve all seen the TV ads ‘hurry, sales ends soon’: adding a sense of urgency compels people to act more quickly in case they miss it. And example is ‘Save 30% Today Only!’. Bringing scarcity into the equation has a similar effect: ‘Only 20 Remaining’ for example.
So get logged into your AdWords account and start trying some new ads so you can measure them against your existing ones. Keep testing so you’ll always have the best performing ads possible, and more clicks for your AdWords account.


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