Those little text ads are so powerful.

We’ve seen again and again how a few lines of text can send visitors to your website who are ready to buy what you sell.  Businesses across the world generate £billions of leads and sales using them.

But it’s also true that many businesses throw a lot of money at them and see little or no success.  How can that be?

It’s all down to how they’re set up and managed.  AdWords has become a highly complex advertising platform that changes constantly. Google make is VERY easy to get started, but they also make it even easier to waste a lot of money if you’re don’t know the tricks of the trade – many of their default settings are actually secret money pits…

That’s why it’s advisable to get a professional to manage your account for you, unless you really have the time to devote to improving your knowledge and keeping up to date with every new change.

You simply can’t deny the power of showing potential customers a picture of your product before they get to your website, and that’s exactly what you can do with Google Shopping.

It’s an absolute must for any eCommerce store advertising on Google.  Add to that the fact that the shopping ads always hold prime position at the top of the search page and you’re onto a real winner.

The secret to running good shopping ads, however, isn’t just how good your product images and titles are (though that’s very important too).  The secret is optimising and organising your product feed effectively.

We use a feed management platform that allows us to edit product text ‘on the fly’, making your products more relevant to searches.  We can also assign custom labels to products based on price, profit margins, or any other attribute that’s relevant.

This means that when we’re optimising the account we’re making decisions based on how much money you’re making to maximise your profits.