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A Trusted Member Of Our eCommerce Team

Sara Jones is a trusted, executive member of our eCommerce team. She has over 10 years of experience, and is detail oriented.

You won’t go wrong by working with her.

Expert In eCommerce Marketing

I had the pleasure of working with Sara in the the same industry. My experience with her has been excellent. She is a true professional and has become a leading expert in eCommerce marketing.

Sara is very well thought of not only as a person but also as a leading marketing consultant.

A Faultless Professional Service

Sara set up all of our web based business and was integral to our company finding its place on the internet.

Her knowledge is incredible and she's always there to answer any queries or improve our business. Sara also pushes us all to do the little things that we forget to improve our web presence.

A faultless professional service that we would be lost without.

A True Professional

Sara is a true professional. Her Adwords knowledge, attention to detail and resourcefulness make our campaigns successful faster.